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Is Your Business A Total Shit Show?

If you said YES, then, you’re in the right place!

FREE Live Event on Sept X, 2022


You’ve had success. Shit, you’ve made it to 6,7, or even 8 figures! But things are now falling apart.

IF you’re putting in loooong hours but have nothing to show for it

IF you’re surrounded by idiots (but they’re on your payroll)

IF leads are drying up but you don’t know how to fix it

IF you’re worried about your business’ future (or if it even HAS a future)

IF you know you’re stuck, but have no idea where to start…

Then, welcome to the

Unfuck Your Business Accelerator!
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I’m Shannon Murray-Doffo,

Fractional CMO and CEO of FeGrowth Strategies. I’ve spent over 15 years of my life building and implementing successful marketing strategies for Fortune 50 companies. Now, you can take advantage of my years of expertise for FREE!

Frequently Asked Questions

An interactive accelerator designed to help you discover what’s crippling your ability to enter hyper-growth mode, so you can fix that shit once and for all!

1.5 hrs

Once you sign up, you’ll receive a Zoom link!

Nothing! It’s free with no obligations or strings attached.

In this accelerator, you’ll:


Root out the real problem sabotaging your success

Receive a clear blueprint to break you out of that rut!

Find out how to fix your broken processes

Discover how to deal with issues before they snowball

& Learn how to build your Epic Team 2.0 (no idiots allowed)

Are you ready to break through the bullshit and add another ZERO or two to your yearly revenue?

Finally, take that vacation without fear of your business falling apart while you’re gone?

Need a bit more help digging yourself out of this hole?

If you’re WAY past a shitshow and edging into clusterfuck territory, then sign up for a 1:1 Deep Dive with me! 

We’ll take a closer look & iron out all the details of your personalized “Get Shit Done” plan! 

Oh Lord, yes, I need 1:1 help!

Sign up for the Unfuck Your Business Accelerator!

Unfuck Your Business


Shannon was hired as a fractional CMO for 7 Figure flipping to help us overhaul our marketing efforts using a data based approach.  Shannon was an absolute pleasure to have on the team.  She was direct, candid, and intimately knew her numbers.  The rare times when she did not have an immediate answer, she acknowledged that, sourced it, and delivered it in a timely manner.  When our Director of Marketing needed to take a leave of absence, she stepped up and oversaw the team, allowing our business to continue to function as expected.  She helped reorganize the marketing department, creating new SOP’s and evaluating new KPI’s.  Perhaps most importantly, Shannon’s network of affiliates proved invaluable.  Shannon brought on several third party contractors who helped reinvigorate our ads, increasing ROAS dramatically, with one of which still employed to this day!

Blaze Chief Operating Officer

Blaze F.
Blaze F. October 6, 2022

"When you sign up to work with Shannon, you're not just going to get super smart, strategic business marketing support, you're also gaining an incredibly positive and creative business partner. Shannon is committed to helping you build your business and brand, and she does this through her unwavering dedication to getting you real traction and meaningful results. Her advice is sound and rooted in years of experience in e-commerce marketing and business strategy, and most importantly, it comes from a truly reliable partner who will work as tirelessly as she would if it were her own business!"

Ashley B.
Ashley B. March 8, 2022

"Shannon is an absolute professional. She knows exactly what she's doing and has all of the resources in place to execute quickly and she does so with passion. The most impressive thing as a business owner was that Shannon worked with me as if my company was her own. Her guidance and strategy were always completely aligned with my vision. And she didn't mind training me in a field I knew nothing about. She coached me along as to the best ways to execute. She always invented creative ways to reach my goals and more than once she saved me from making costly mistakes. She's a true business partner. One of the best I've ever had!"

Dawn W.
Dawn W. July 15, 2021

"Shannon was introduced to me via word of mouth and I'm forever grateful to the friend who did this introduction. She is bliss to work with, knowledgeable, with cutting-edge marketing skills, and can adapt her strategy to your level of business. Her flexibility is truly remarkable. What makes Shannon so special is that she won't just work for you, she will listen to you, lean into your vision, and work with you. She pours love on your company-not merely knowledge, and that made all the difference".

Vicky G.
Vicky G. May 21, 2021
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